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Internet Marketing 2016

Marketing on the internet has evolved and become much harder to be seen by the search engines...well that is what the large media agencies are telling you! Since 1994 marketing on the internet hasn't really changed much at all. Good high quality relevant content material has always been imperative hasn't really changed.

Dail Wagner

Back-Linking Techniques

Having good backlinks are important but quality far outweighs quantity. We regularly rank website on page one of Google with only one or two backlinks. How we do it is no secret this information is available to anyone on the internet that has the time to research and put into action.

We offer this information freely within our newsletters that we publish and distribute to our subscribers. If you want information on how to design and maintain your website then subscribe to our newsletter.

From time to time I will also post additional topic information on this site as well.

Simple Ways to Get Great Media Exposure

Have spent hours or days slaving over an new piece of content for your website? Packed your content full of interesting and exciting information that people would drool over and submitted it the web and syndicated it to all the social media sites and your website is now overflowing with new visitors?  Probably not...."Read more.." button below

Outsourcing Tedious Tasks

Are you overwhelmed with the day to day tasks of updating your:

  • Website,
  • Facebook Business Fan Pages,
  • Google+ Business Pages
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn etc

Outsourcing is not simple and there are many pitfalls if approached the wrong way.  For some, outsourcing is an excellent resource and help grow your business and not cost you an arm and a leg.  Let us Simplify this process for you.

Many people believe that using outsourced employees from overseas countries is not patriotic and is taking jobs from our local workforce.  This is true for some aspects but lets understand the benefits. 

  1. Firstly we are helping the economy of third world countries with long term benefit of less aid being required to fund these countries from our governments.
  2. Secondly Businesses can grow and employ more local employees
  3. Create a bigger Local Economy as result.

If you want to know more about Employing Outsourced Virtual Assistants then Fill in the Form below and hit "Subscribe".  We will also show you how to ensure they are working the hours they claim:


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